Go through these useful checklists and guides for tips&tricks that will help you on all your outdoors adventures. They are based on collective experiences as well as our own and are a must for outdoors lovers who want to be prepared and safe.

Tips & Tricks

Guides & Checklists

Backpacker’s Checklist

This checklist contains all the essential items you should pack, how to organize them efficiently from the top to the bottom of your backpack and useful tips and tricks for backpacking adventures.


Day Hiking Checklist

Make sure to have everything covered when going hiking. This list covers all you need in terms of hiking gear, clothing/footwear, food/water, navigation, tools, emergency items, health/hygiene items and some day hiking extras you will find very useful.


Best practices with nature’s elements in the outdoors

The outdoors can be your friend but also your enemy. Read this short guide on using water and fire in the outdoors, building a shelter and ways to stay safe in hazard situations.